Over 70% of U.S. adults watch videos on YouTube and 33% of all online activity is spent consuming video. Our YouTube Advertising and Video Optimization services can help you captivate and convert online video viewers using highly targeted video advertising campaigns.

YouTube advertising can deliver qualified traffic directly to your website or increase the chances that prospects will come back to your site indirectly after watching an ad. Recent research has shown that companies experience a 41% increase in traffic through online searches when they incorporate video in their marketing strategy.

Conversion Logix can transform your existing video content into shorter video campaigns or build new branded video content with image assets using our Video Optimization services. Ensure your videos include the branding, messaging and call to actions required to successfully run a video advertising campaign.

Video Optimization

Develop video content tailored to your advertising goals. Our video production team can create thirty second videos using client provided assets or breathe new life into your existing video content. Clients receive ownership rights to any video created and can use the final video content on their community website, for organic listings and for video advertising campaigns.

YouTube Advertising

Present in-stream videos ads to prospects in the market for your services with highly targeted YouTube advertising campaigns. Targeting options can be industry and location specific, related to commonly searched keywords or based off of a large list of email addresses. This highly engaging, highly targeted, skippable ad format leads to the most qualified website traffic. The average engaged viewer who visits an advertiser’s website stays on the website longer and is more likely to complete an online conversion.

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