Boost Posts vs. Ads on Facebook & Instagram

Gone are the days of reaching everyone in your social network on Facebook and Instagram. It’s not uncommon for businesses to reach only 2-4% of their fans on Facebook with each organic post. Businesses looking to extend their reach on the world’s most popular social networks have two choices to get their message in front of potential customers: boost posts or run Facebook Ads campaigns. While boosting posts might be a great solution for social media influencers and bloggers looking to build up engagement rates or get more blog post views, most businesses are looking for a greater return on investment from these networks. If you’re a business looking to use social media to generate sales, you should be running Facebook Ads, here’s why.

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Public Announcement About Facebook Advertising

After months of scrutiny about privacy concerns and where ads are actually coming from, Facebook has taken action into their own hands. Advertisers and consumers alike went to sleep on Thursday, June 28h and woke up on Friday, June 29th with a pretty substantial change on their favorite social media platform.

With Facebook trying to crack down on fraudulent accounts that have previously served false ads, they have opened a floodgate of possibilities for its consumer base.

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New: Retargeting in the Facebook News Feed

We’ve had access to Facebook retargeting for a while now, but we now have a new feature we’re excited to announce: Facebook retargeting in the News Feed.

If you’re ever on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen the Facebook News Feed ads. They are usually called “Suggested Posts” and promote a page that Facebook thinks you’ll like. These ads are extremely effective, and now Facebook has opened them up to the ad exchanges.

These ads get click through rates that are up to 50 times better than normal FBX ads. Instead of going only on the right-hand side of the feed, your posts will be front and center to everyone who has visited your website.

We’re rolling out Facebook News Feed Targeting to select customers, so contact us to get started with your campaign.

Social Display Spending To Increase in 2012

More and more people are going on social networks. In fact, Facebook wins one in every five page views, and accounts for nine percent of all visits online.

Those are huge numbers, and the steadily increasing amount of people on Facebook, means more advertising dollars will be spent on the social-networking site in 2012.

According to eMarketer, 59% of marketers are planning on increasing social media advertising in 2012, compared to 31% planning on increasing on ad networks and exchanges.

eMarketer also estimates that US online display advertising will grow an astonishing 24.1% this year to $15.4 billion.

This is good news for small businesses everywhere. Social network advertising and display targeting can be narrowed down to pinpoint only those people who might be interested in your product or service.

The Internet gives you the ability to appear larger than you are, and give you advertising scale you might otherwise not be able to afford.

Contact us today and we can help get you on the path to marketing success.