Drive Local Traffic to Your Business With Google My Business Posts

Google My Business listings are one of the most effective ways for businesses to be discovered and engaged with on Google. We’ve marketed thousands of clients nationwide from apartment communities, senior living communities, auto dealerships, hotels and hospitals, and have seen first-hand how effective GMB listings are for local businesses.

Across a sample of 409 clients, we found that 28% of their website sessions came from GMB listings. These listings don’t only deliver more traffic than the typical organic search listings, they also deliver higher quality traffic. Website sessions coming from Google My Business listings convert 29% more than the average traffic source.

Google gives businesses plenty of opportunities to promote their company and improve their Google Business profile, but most local businesses don’t take advantage of them or don’t know they exist. In this blog post, we’ll explain how Google determines which listing to show to searchers, how you can use GMB posts to drive local search traffic to your website, and how you can use GMB to convert searchers into leads.

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The Explosion of Mobile Search

Mobile paid search is set to increase in 2012. Already this year, mobile made up 15.9% of paid search traffic in January, and mobile made up 21.5% of all paid search clicks. Meaning click-through rates were higher for mobile than desktop.

Overall Impressions
Overall Impressions

According to a forecast by Perfomics, an online analyst firm, mobile click share may rise to 28% of all search clicks over the next six months.

Overall Clicks
Overall Clicks

Click-through rate is also higher on the mobile platform. Mobile CTRs were 45% higher than their desktop counterparts.

Also, cost-per-click is lower on mobile as well, coming in at 40% below traditional computers.

Overall CTR
Overall CTR

So what do all these numbers mean? Well they mean you need to get started with a mobile campaign – and fast.

Conversion Logix is a full-service digital ad agency in Seattle. We can help you get your mobile game off the ground.

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What is an SMS Campaign and Why Do I Want One?

What is an SMS Campaign?

I’m glad you asked. An SMS campaign is a form of marketing that allows you to interact with your customers via text. It’s similar to an email campaign, but is faster and easier to create since it requires no creative other than an initial campaign to get your customers’ numbers, and your 160 character message.

What happens is this:

  1. We set up your SMS shortcode and keyword. For example, if you owned a pizza place it might be PIZZA at 96000. This is basically your business’ texting phone number. That way, if your customer texts PIZZA to 96000, they’ll be included in your texting database, and be eligible for future promotions.
  2. We create a campaign to get your customers to sign up for text alerts. We might say “Text PIZZA to 96000 and receive exclusive discounts!” This way, you can use your existing advertising to market your SMS campaign, increasing the number of sign-ups.
  3. We send out updates. We’ll manage your entire customer base and send out the message for you. All you have to do is think of the promotion you want to do.

Why do I want one?

Someone probably told you 15 years ago that you need to be collecting email addresses of your customers so you can communicate with your client base. You might not have listened. Now, I’m here to tell you that getting your customer’s phone numbers is arguably more important than getting email addresses.

SMS campaigns have extremely high open and opt-in rates, and help you reach a broad customers base. Not everyone has a smartphone, but virtually everyone has a phone with texting capabilities.

SMS campaign opt-in numbers

Also, SMS Messages have a 95 percent open rate, compared to just 11 percent for email marketing messages. This means you can be sure your message doesn’t get lost or ignored.

Our phone is the most intimate form of technology we have. It’s always with us, allowing you to offer the right deal to the right person at the right time. SMS campaigns are an easy way to increase communication and develop a strategy to reach more customers than you ever have before.

Still not convinced? Check out our posts here and here for more stats about the importance and relevance of doing an SMS campaign.

Contact us today and we’ll give you a free consultation for an SMS campaign of your own.